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Will the harp be able to play outdoors?
 • Yes, the harp is a versatile instrument and can play for short periods of time almost anywhere. Extreme temperatures, dampness, wind, etc. are not good for the delicate instrument, but for brief ceremonies, I will be happy to play outdoors.
• In very hot weather an umbrella is required and I do prefer a solid surface for the harp (not grass) Sidewalks, decomposed granite or a rented piece of dance floor will work nicely.

Will the harp be loud enough?
• Yes, the harp has a surprisingly large sound and seems to fill up even large rooms with lovely, relaxing tones.
• If the area is outdoors or many folks will be in attendance, I provide a portable amplifier, free of charge.
• I can even provide a microphone for your officiant in most locations, also, free of charge.

How long do you usually play for a ceremony?
• I arrive one hour before the time stated on the invitation. I am usually set up well before the first guests arrive. I normally begin playing as the guests are being seated.
• The seating of the parents/grandparents usually signals the beginning of the ceremony. This may commence a few minutes later than suggested on the invitation. Ceremonies are normally brief, less than 15-20 minutes. I plan on playing one or two sings after the end of the ceremony.
 • After the ceremony is finished, you have the option of harp music for the pre-reception or cocktail hour. Please refer to the pricing page for current rates.

Does the harp sound well with other instruments?
 • Yes, I have often accompanied other musical instruments such as the flute, violin, or can even accompany a vocalist for certain types of selections. Please call or email for suggestions or ideas.

What type of music will you be playing?
• I normally play a variety of popular, classical, celtic or even new age music during the prelude (time before the ceremony.) Please feel free to advise me of your preferences.
• As the ceremony begins, a song requested by the parents or other family member may be a lovely choice for the seating of the family.
• The bridal party should have its own special music and the entrance of the bride signals one of the high points of the ceremony!
• The Bridal Chorus as well as many other marches could be good choices. We can discuss your personal favorites closer to the wedding date.
• The end of the ceremony I prefer to play a joyful, upbeat tune.

 What will you wear?
• I usually dress in a formal or tea length gown and will try to coordinate with your wedding colors if possible. The time of day and the venue are often a clue as to how dressy the event will be.

Can we meet before the wedding?
Yes, I would be happy to arrange a time to select music, discuss the details and generally just get to know you. This is optional, of course, due to scheduling concerns, location of residences, etc. Please call or email to set up an appointment.