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 Music Therapy

Harp is a lovely healing instrument! I have played for many months at the Corona Regional Medical Center and found it to be very rewarding. I play in the lobby, the Intensive Care Unit and where ever else they need me. It is my long-term goal to help establish music healing programs in hospitals and prisons.
Here are a few comments that I have received.
"You are an angel. Thank-you for the music and peace. Day 18 in the ICU, we welcome you and your gift of love!"

Thank-you for the peace and joy you brought to me, Angus

For Julie:
You are a lovely lady with very fancy fingers. Thanks for  reducing my stress today, Jason

Thank-you for coming, sister. God Bless You, I love you, Jimmy

Thank-you for spending your time with me, being forever a part of my heart, Albert

Thank-you for making this day one to be remembered and one dear to the heart, Love Tommy
Julie, You play beautifully!  Thank-you for the lovely music, Angelo"